workplace safety inspection before the holiday to build first line of safety defense-爱游戏官网登录入口

 workplace safety inspection before the holiday to build first line of safety defense-爱游戏官网登录入口
workplace safety inspection before the holiday to build first line of safety defense

on april 20th, the vice president of the group and the leader in charge of xiangyin road tunnel, jiang yun, visited the site of xiangyin road tunnel and conducted a comprehensive safety inspection before may day with maintenance staff. the inspection focused on the central control room, pump room, pudong and puxi working shaft, high and low voltage distribution room, tunnel passage facilities, emergency warehouse, etc. the xiangyin road tunnel has all kinds of facilities in good condition, fire equipment is complete and communication system work well. the emergency supplies are complete and arranged in an orderly manner and with full records. mr. jiang yun requested the maintenance company to attach great importance to the safe operation and make every effort to keep tunnel safe and unobstructed.

on the morning of april 25th, mr. wang baoping, the vice president of the group and director of the safety production committee, visited jiading sewage treatment plant to carry out workplace safety inspection before holiday, accompanied by the management team, zhang rongzheng, fan jingchao, and wang chong.

starting from the hazardous chemical storage area of the laboratory, mr. wang baoping inspected the production equipment and electricity facilities one by one in many places, such as hazardous materials, ditching sludge, upgrading construction, sludge drying workshop, boiler room, etc. in particular, he required a safety management of boilers, gas, cranes and other special equipment. at the same time, he stressed that the safety work should be tightened and all safety precautions should be treated extremely seriously.

at noon on april 25, mr. wang baoping visited dazhong run logistics to carry out production safety inspection, accompanied by management team, zhang rongzheng, he zhou and ni bin.

by listening to reports, reviewing safety records, and conducting on-site potential dangers investigation, mr. wang baoping conducted a comprehensive safety inspection. he asked the management team to attach great importance to the recognition of the importance and necessity of conducting emergency plan drills. to improve safety management level, closely monitor safety risks, and implement preventive measures. dazhong run logistics need to strengthen the supervision of the distribution of liquefied gas cylinders, especially to ensure the users’ safety. mr. wang baoping emphasized that there is no trifle for safety production. in addition to investing in hardware such as facilities and equipment, investment in software such as information systems should also be increased in terms of safety production costs.


the inspection of production safety before the holiday reflects the group's high attention on production safety. the subsidiaries will take this opportunity to implement the group's work deployment deeply, and jointly build a strong defense line of production safety.