dzug was awarded esg rating of “a ” in 2022-爱游戏官网登录入口

 dzug was awarded esg rating of “a ” in 2022-爱游戏官网登录入口
dzug was awarded esg rating of “a ” in 2022

on the afternoon of september 18, zhang yingjie, vice president of zhongxin ccx green finance visited the group. jiang yun, vice president and cfo, hu jun, deputy financial director and related functions attended the meeting.

ccx green finance conducted the esg rating for dzug in 2022 in accordance with the relevant esg rating methodology. based on the evaluation of the company comprehensive performance in the occurrence of relevant disputes in the four key issues under the environmental performance (e) dimension, including environmental management, resource management, sustainable development and emission management, seven key issues under the social responsibility (s) dimension, including safety management, product responsibility, customer responsibility, social contribution, employee responsibility, supplier management and investor responsibility, six key issues and three dimensions under the corporate governance (g) dimension, including “governance structure and operation, executive behavior, development strategy, operation behavior, internal control management and information disclosure”, the esg grade of x entity was rated as “a ” and the esg grade certificate was issued. in recent years, dzug has shown significant advancement in enhancing its esg management structure, constructing systems, improving information disclosure quality, enhancing performance, and boosting ratings. dzug ranked at top level in domestic esg rating and has won many awards and honors in the esg field. in the future, the company will remain committed to the development of the esg field, drive enterprise transformation and upgrade, and incorporate the principles of sustainable development. in this way, the company will be a contributor to the green and sustainable development of china’s economy.

on september 19, two consultants from ccx green finance spent a whole day conducting a training session on the esg report for each of the business segments and functional departments of the group in 2023. the training was informative and focused, enhancing the understanding of esg for the group and its subsidiaries, and advancing the group’s professional governance abilities and information disclosure standards.