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 financial investment-爱游戏官网登录入口
financial investment

shanghai dazhong group capital investment co., ltd.

shanghai dazhong group capital investment co., ltd. (dazhong capital) was founded in april, 2010, with the registered capital of rmb500mn and total aum of over rmb1bn.

dazhong capital was wholly owned by shanghai dazhong public utilities (group) co., ltd. (dzug), a domestic leading listed company in the vc and equity investment field.

dazhong capital is headquartered in shanghai, under the management of various experienced professionals in the investment and am area.

dazhong capital established zhejiang dazhong equity investment management co., ltd. in sept 2011, and initiated the hangzhou zhongying growth fund as the sole fund manager.

dazhong capital’s key advantages:

sound social resources

dazhong capital maintains good relationships with many famous domestic vc players, listed firms, fund houses, banks and colleges, and has established solid business cooperation models with renowned brokerages, law firms, accounting firms, assessment firms etc.

in china’s capital market, many vc players e.g. shenzhen capital group, xingye vc, china media capital, and brokerages e.g. industrial securities, everbright securities, haitong securities and china securities have all been partners of dazhong capital for years. therefore, dazhong capital is able to provide investees with professional services or strategic advice with respect to the links of corporate financing, listing guidance etc., via effective resource consolidation.

highlighted shareholders’ resources

dazhong capital can share resources with associated entities like dazhong transportation, jiaoda onlly, shenzhen capital group etc., to provide value-added services.

strong coordination with intermediaries

dazhong capital’s management consists of experienced members with good relationships with brokers, accountants, lawyers, assessors etc., and maintains fine

project coordination through years of successful investment & financing projects.

ample project investment and exit experience

dazhong capital’s shareholder dzug started equity investment in 2000, and successfully enabled multiple investees to be listed in the a-share market. since its establishment, dazhong capital has completed various investment cases e.g. china media capital, china business news, shanghai m&g stationery etc., covering the areas of media, manufacturing, tmt, chemical, consumer etc.

specialized investment team

the decision-makers and key team members are all experienced professionals, who spent years working at listed firms, fund houses, vc enterprises and industrial companies, and are able to make swift judgments over potential projects and conduct effective and timely follow-up management.

quality consulting services regarding listing affairs

dazhong capital’s management is familiar with the operation of listed firms, and able to provide potential listed enterprises and already-listed firms with quality, pertinent listing services.

shenzhen capital group co., ltd.

shenzhen capital group co., ltd. has registered capital of rmb3.5bn, investment capacity of as high as rmb10bn and external aum of rmb10bn; it is china’s largest and strongest domestic vc player.

scg’s major shareholders include shenzhen state-owned assets supervision and administration, shenzhen galaxy real estate development co., ltd., shanghai dazhong public utilities (group) co., ltd., fujian septwolves holding, shenzhen liye group, guangdong electric power development co., ltd., shenzhen yixin investment co., ltd. and shenzhen futian investment co., ltd. etc. dzug holds a stake of 13.93%.

scg is the only post-doctoral work station among china’s vc industry, providing research materials and talent support to the decision-makers.

after 13 years of operation, scg assessed tens of thousands of potential projects, and invested in 447, covering the areas of it, communication, new material, bio-medical, energy-saving, chemical, consumer, high-end services etc., with accumulated investment amounts of more than rmb12bn.

there are a lot of classic cases, including 86 enterprises that are successfully listed domestically or internationally, e.g. weichai power, baiyang group, taikong panel, kingsun lights, mingtai aluminum, mingyang wind power,, coship electronics, nine-town digital etc.

shanghai xingye venture capital co., ltd.

shanghai xingye venture capital co., ltd. was jointly founded by shanghai dazhong public utilities (group) co., ltd., shanghai yida technology investment co., ltd., ningbo yunsheng co., ltd., fujian fynex textiles co., ltd., and fujian dongrun venture capital co., ltd. etc.

registered capital: rmb300mn

business scope: venture capital, venture capital on behalf of other institutions or natural persons, venture capital consulting, start-up management services, and participation in establishing vc enterprises and vc consulting institutions.

the company’s stake: 20%

shanghai hangxin investment management co., ltd.

shanghai hangxin investment management co., ltd. was jointly established by shanghai dazhong public utilities (group) co., ltd., shanghai jianyuan investment co., ltd., shanghai qiangsheng holding co., ltd., shanghai s&t investment co., ltd., shanghai shengtai investment management co., ltd., and shanghai tiancai investment management co., ltd. etc. hangxin investment engages in the equity investment in high-growth companies, the merger and acquisition of high-growth companies, and the transfer of property rights regarding high-growth companies.

registered capital: rmb275.6mn

business scope: corporate investment management and consulting, corporate financial consulting, investment and economic information consulting (excluding brokerage), technical services regarding investment management, asset operation management (for the matters subject to administrative license, administrative license shall be obtained).

the company’s stake: 16.13%